Valve Grinding Globe, Control & Safety Valves with Flat or Angled Seats

Model D for valves with flat and angle seats 50-1300 mm (2” - 52”)

The machine is mounted to the valve body using a unique three segment, fully adjustable, self centering conical frame, allowing a fast and accurate set up whether in the workshop or on site. Available with electric or pneumatic drive, the Model D1/D2 valve grinding system can be supplied as a standard kit or customized to suit exact requirements.

  • Suitable for valves with flat and/or angle seats ø 40 -1300 mm.
  • Absolutely flat sealing surface.
  • Cone segments in different angles are available.
  • Orbital driven grinding heads.
  • Air drive unit as standard 6-7 bar.
  • Electric drive unit 110 or 220V as optional.
  • Infinity variable grinding speed for close control of surface finish.
  • Fine adjustment of pressure for precise grinding of surface.
  • Self-adhesive grinding discs for fast attachment on the grinding heads
  • Supplied with rough, medium and fine grinding discs
  • Self-adhesive grinding discs 40 to 1000 grit are available.
  • Diamond grinding discs available.
  • Extra strong carrying/storage case for complete machine and all necessary accessories.

grinding flat or angled seats

Possible dimensions:

Model D base unit comes in two sizes:

Model DF
Internal diameter A 40 - 300 mm
External diameter D 80 - 356 mm
Maximum depth C 500 mm

Model DG
Internal diameter A 140 - 1361 mm
External diameter D 150 - 1371 mm
Maximum depth C 1000 mm

grinding range for flat or angled seats

Model DF-AB 200
Flat & conical seats. Ø40-200mm (1,6” - 8”) Globe valves
DG-B 600
Flat seats Ø150 - 600mm (6” - 24”) Globe valves
Conical Frame tick tick
Driving head FL Ø65, 80, 100, 150, 200mm (2.5”, 3”, 4”, 5”, 6”, 8”) tick N/A
Driving head FL Ø175, 225, 250, 300mm (7”, 9”, 10”, 12”) option N/A
FL driven grinding head Ø28, 35, 40mm (1.1”, 1.4”, 1.6”) tick N/A
FL driven grinding head Ø50mm (2”) option N/A
Driving head G I, 150 - 600mm (6 - 24”) N/A tick
Driving head G IV, 600 - 1300mm (24 - 52”) N/A option
G driven grinding head I Ø35mm/1.4”, head II Ø35mm/1.4”, head III Ø35mm/1.4” N/A tick
G driven grinding head IV Ø35mm/1.4”, V Ø35mm/1.4”, VI Ø35mm/1.4” N/A option
Adding plates ø 50mm/2” for wider seats N/A tick
Adding plates Ø70, 105mm (2.8”, 4.2”) for wider seats N/A option
Cone segments in different angles Ø65 - 200mm (2 ½” - 8”) tick N/A
Air Speed regulator tick tick
Adjustable guiding plates in different sizes option option
Rough, medium and fine grinding discs Ø7, 20, 25, 28, 35, 40mm tick option
Rough, medium and fine grinding discs ø 35/50mm option tick

A selection of standard models, other configurations and accessories are available on request