Valve Grinding Consumables

Valve Grinding Discs

The efficiency of the machine relies on the grinding discs used. The wrong discs for the wrong purpose will either slow you down drastically or in worst case, damage the valve. The grinding discs are specially designed for valve grinding. They have been proven in our facilities and out on the field. To make you sure that you get the best out of your machine we have a wide selection of grinding discs all the way from 40 grit down to 3 microns with diameter sizes from 17 - 70mm.

valve grinding discs

Grinding Accessories

Grinding accessories to suit all models. Cast iron and diamond faced discs including special angeled discs.

cast iron diamond faced discs

Aluminium Oxide Paste

Specially formulated containing Aluminium Oxide Abrasive. It is suitable for a wide range of lapping/polishing operations, and it is particularly effective when used for smoothing soft metals such as brass, aluminium and copper. Sabre Pastes are also available based on both silicon carbide and boron carbide abrasives. Available in 20g syringes.

aluminium oxide paste

Valve Grinding Diamond Paste

Kemet offer a huge range of Diamond Compounds for rapid stock removal, superfine surface finish, lapping and pre-polishing. Micron sizes ranging from 1/10 to 90, soluble in either oil (Type L), water (Type W) or both (Type KD). High thermal stability of the chemical carrier ensures that Kemet Diamond Compound resists frictional heat, remains stable, and keeps its suspension properties under operating conditions. For our full range, please view our website.

Valve Grinding Diamond Paste

Valve Grinding Lapping Paste

Kemet manufacture a wide range of abrasive lapping pastes. Our range of Silicon Carbide and Aluminium Oxide pastes have many applications but are particularly suited to the lapping of mechanical seals and valve seats. The pastes are water soluble and safe to use.

Product Type Micron FEPA Grade Pastes
Green Silicon Carbide Fine 3 1200 361547
5 1000 361552
Medium 9 600 361514
17 400 361551
Coarse 23 360 361548
30 320 361558
37 280 361538
Black Silicon Carbide Coarse 75 180 361549
109 120 361689
White Aluminium Oxide Fine 3 1200 361544
5 1000 361624
Medium 7 800 361545
9 600 361543
13 500 361546
Coarse 23 360 361542
Valve Grinding Lapping Paste