Cleaning of Aerospace & Aircraft Parts

Offering a wide selection of automatic aqueous parts washers for degreasing, cleaning and remove debris from aircraft & aerospace parts

Automatic Aircraft Tube Cleaning System

This machine is used for cleaning after cutting and forming stainless-steel, aluminum and titanium aircraft tubes used in pneumatic, hydraulic, fuel and oxygen systems prior to inspection. Up to ten parts can be cleaned per hour, visually free of coolants and forming lubricants.

  • Environmentally friendly - no solvents. Bio-degradable commercial detergents only.
  • Re-circulating principle - water-based cleaning solutions conserve energy, detergent and water.
  • Power spray principle - produces high-quality and high-speed cleaning.
  • Low chemical cost - 3 to 5% detergent in water.
  • Low energy cost - spray cabinet and tanks fully insulated, programmable heating systems.
  • No health hazard to workers.
  • SS 304L construction of wetted parts
  • Up to ten cleaning sequences can be pre-programmed into the PLC
  • Three flushing stations (Typical cycle time - 15 minutes)
  • More efficient and faster production than immersion systems, with reduced energy costs due to smaller tank volumes
  • Machine is part of a JIT environment. Tubes are made to meet ¼ “ up to 3” in diameter spare parts demands, thus optimizing production and significantly reducing inventory
  • Full-cone spray nozzles, mounted above the tubes
  • Improved OD cleaning results

Automatic Aircraft Tube Cleaning System

cleaning aircraft parts

Conveyor Washer for Aircraft & Aerospace Parts

Proper washing and handling of high performance aerospace components is essential to any manufacturing process. Parts of various sizes and shapes should be processed through the washer without the risk of being scratched or chipped, therefore minimizing any rework by the user. The model MB-S is a powerspray type conveyor washer ideally suited for the automatic processing of critical aerospace components.

The cleaning process consists of a heated recirculating wash and rinse using DI water, followed by a high-impact air blow-off. Operators adjust the spray manifold’s pressure and height to suit the workpiece. The machine features manual loading/unloading and a polypropylene conveyor belt, which eliminates any metal-to-metal contact that could damage sensitive parts.

Conveyor Washer

Cleaning Aerospace Parts - Case Study

Cleanliness Specification: Visually free of solid and liquid contaminants
Dryness: Isolated solution droplets on parts surface
Exit Temperature: Ambient +/- 2˚F
Customer: Leading aircraft engine manufacturer
Workpiece; Aerospace components
Application: Cleaning during manufacturing process
Production: 12 parts per hour
Cleanliness Visually free of solid and liquid contaminants

Before cleaning Aerospace part

Before cleaning aerospace part

After cleaning Aerospace part

Before cleaning aerospace part

Inline Conveyor Cleaning System

The Typhoon-MB incorporates rugged construction with state-of-the-art cleaning technology resulting in the most comprehensive spray belt aqueous cleaning system on the market today.

Inline Conveyor Cleaning System

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Standard Features

  • Chip baskets below hinged tank lid
  • Incoloy sheathed electric immersion heaters
  • Low level float switch protects heating system
  • Quick disconnect spray risers
  • Gull wing doors with safety limit switches
  • Automatic solution level control with stainless steel floats
  • Seal-less vertical pump with submerged wet end
  • Sloped tank bottom
  • Baffled tank design for optimal solution re-circulation
  • Pump removable for servicing without draining tank
  • Pump motor removable without removing pump
  • Variable speed DC conveyor drive
  • Digital indicating temperature controllers
  • Illuminated push-pull buttons for main functions
  • Emergency stop button at load/unload ends and main panel
  • 7-day programmable heating timer
  • High efficiency motors to NEMA design B standards
  • Allen Bradley I.E.C. standard motor controls
  • Adjustable exhaust system for entrance and exit vestibules
  • Two component chemical resistant epoxy finish
  • All moving parts are covered with guards


  • Available with 2ft, 4ft, and 8ft spray sections
  • Additional solution stage
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Gas/steam/hot water heating
  • Tank insulation
  • Solution filtration
  • Oil separation system
  • Counter flow make-up
  • High pressure regenerative blow-off system
  • Convection dryers
  • Part cooling tunnels
  • Drain valves
  • Exhaust demister
  • Custom guide rails
  • Indexing conveyor
  • Extended load /unload sections
  • Power flushing
  • Part detection
  • Custom part fixtures
  • Custom paint
  • Extreme duty models available