Materials Upright Microscopes

A robust good quality traditional metallurgical microscope equipped with a trinocular head ready for the attachment of a digital camera. This microscope includes a full set of high quality plan achromatic metallurgical objectives on a reversed objective turret. Specimens can placed on the mechanical stage with controls for XY stage and focus control.

The focussing tension can be adjusted and a focus lock protects the objectives from damage. Illumination is provided from an integral 20W halogen lamp with adjustable intensity, field and aperture diaphragms, polariser and set of Y, G, B and diffusion filters. Traditional microscope frame which provides a robust and a durable platform suitable for the most demanding of applications. Options include a range of camera adapters, digital cameras, image analysis software, additional objectives and eyepieces.

best upright materials microscopes

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With a reversed quarduple nosepiece, holding 4 Plan Achromatic objectives offering a magnification range from 40X-600X, Reflected light, Trinocular head and mechanical stage, popular for many applications from industrial, inspection tasks, through to researchers and educational establishments.