Portable Microscopes

An exciting and affordable portable microscope with precision optics and fully integrated lighting. Simply place the specimen on the top of the microscope and focus using the thumb wheel underneath. It’s that easy! The special magnetic holder can also be used to hold the specimen if you wish.

The x 35 magnification – chosen on the recommendation of teachers and professional field workers – is powerful enough to provide great detail but provides images that are not so greatly magnified that the sense of what you are viewing is lost.

The portable microscope is extremely compact, just 105mm in diameter and 25mm thick and weighing a mere 225 gms. It is robustly constructed from tough ABS materials with a metal stage and it will survive a one metre drop test without internal damage. It is also splash-proof and the viewing aperture on the specimen stage is sealed against the ingress of fluids. The eyepiece is easily cleaned – just pull it out, remove the rubber eyecup and split the eyepiece mouldings to access the lenses.

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The microscope adopts a highly unconventional approach to microscope design. Ultra compact shape is achieved by the use of folded optics which compress the normal 150mm tube length of a conventional microscope by the use of precision mirrors. A similar method is used in the McArthur and Swift microscopes which use two-dimensional optical folding, but takes the concept a stage further by using a third mirror to fold the light path three-dimensionally. This allows the top of the microscope to be used as a large uncluttered specimen stage with all the optics arranged beneath the stage in an incredibly neat and compact package.