Polarising Microscopes

The standard model is equipped with infinity optics, trinocular head, a fine set of first class objectives giving a magnification range of 40X-600X (with options of up to 1000X). One eyepiece is fitted with a measurement reticle with a crosshair for centering and measurement and includes a focussing adjustment.

best Polarising microscopes

The grade of polarisers fitted is the highest available giving good extinction with crossed polars. The optics are also fully corrected so that changes in the viewing angle from the prism in the head during interocular distance adjustments does not cause any colour changes.

The microscope is also supplied with an adjustable condenser with 30W illumination sources, koehler illumination and coarse/fine focus knobs with limit stoppers and tension adjustment. The microscope frame is substantial giving high stability and is particularly suitable for photomicrography.

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