High performance stereo microscopes from Leica

High magnification with great ergonomic benefits

Conventional stereomicroscopy gives users a choice: they must choose high resolutions and richness of detail, or opt for a larger working distance to be able to manipulate the work specimen. The higher a microscope’s resolution, the less free room there is between specimen and objective.

Leica microscopes can offer a 20.5:1 zoom, besides the greater magnification, they have resolution up to 1050lp/mm, which corresponds to a resolved structure size of 476nm.

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With digitally controlled zoom, focus (with the new motorised focus drive) and iris diaphragm, a Leica DFC camera, the motorised mechanical stage and versatile software modules of the Leica Application Suite (LAS), the Leica is capable of accepting any settings and performing any analysis expected of a stereomicroscope with a few clicks of the mouse. Of course, this directly affects your daily work: frequently used microscope settings can be restored with a few mouse clicks, time-consuming serial examinations, of relatively large specimens, can be programmed once in the computer and can then be allowed to run automatically whenever necessary.

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It does not matter if you need a large work surface with lots of room for handling specimens or analyzing the tiniest details, which were previously detectable only with a light microscope: with the extraordinary FusionOptics™ zoom, Leica Microsystems has set a new standard for stereomicroscopy. What was previously thought to be an optical impossibility is now reality in the Leica. The zoom range of 7.8×–160×, objectives from 0.63×–5×, and an enormous selection of accessories make this a system that performs superbly in any application.

For those who wish to continue working with classic stereomicroscopes, the Leica is equal to almost every need. The optical principle of two symmetrical channels is the same as that of the Leica, but the zoom range and numerical aperture have been increased to 16.5:1. Of course, the Leica is also compatible with the full range of cameras, objectives, tubes, bases and accessories. This means not only that you are sure to find a configuration solution for almost any task you have now, but you can also be confident that you will always be able to take advantage of the latest advances in the Leica series in the future.

Supreme performance is not always the most important requirement: in many routine situations, you simply need a microscope that is exceptionally tough and reliable, and compatible with a wide range of accessories. Of course one feature cannot be compromised: the best possible optical quality. With a magnification range of 8×–100×, the Leica is ideal for many applications that may be useful to you: from presorting mechanical components to analyzing plastics and detailed inspection of printed circuit boards, the Leica provides consistently high-quality, detailed images of your specimens.

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