Inverted Trinocular Reflected Light Metallurgical Microscope

Simple to use metallurgical microscopes especially where you need to examine many specimens with frequent changes of polished ‘micros’. The inverted microscope means that each successive specimen is immediately in focus and it is also very useful for large specimens that can not fit under an upright microscope model.

The microscope is equipped with a trinocular head ready for the attachment of a digital camera. The microscopes includes a full set of high quality plan achromatic metallurgical objectives mounted under the stage. The focussing tension can be adjusted and a focus lock protects the objectives from damage. Illumination is provided from a 20W halogen lamphouse with adjustable intensity, field and aperture diaphragms and set of Y, G, B and diffusion filters.

Built on highly robust XJL inverted series microscope frame which provides a stable and durable platform suitable for the most demanding of applications.

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Options include a range of camera adapters, digital cameras, image analysis software, additional objectives and eyepieces. Also available is a retractable analyser attached to an external lever in the head of the microscope and an insertable, rotatable polarising filter can be introduced into the light path tube to provide partial or fully crossed polars.