High Performance Fluorescence Microscope

Fluorescence microscopes are designed for use in laboratories undertaking routine fluorescence microscopy such as hospitals and universities. These high quality instrument are equipped with a mercury vapour fluorescence epi-illuminator which includes a lamp condition indication, a full range of high quality infinity corrected plan achromatic objectives. Typical applications include GFP, immunolabelling, FISH, histochemistry and cytology.

best Fluorescence microscopes

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Specimens can be mounted on the large mechanical stage and secured in place with the springloaded slide holder. The stage has aside mounted coaxial control and provides very smooth movement through the bearing mounted stage.

Wide Field Optics and Digital Imaging

You can view your specimens through crystal sharp widefield eyepieces or via a high resolution digital camera (optional) mounted on the photoport of the trinocular head. To ensure maximum comfort the interpupillary distance and diopter setting can be adjusted.

Unobstructed Slide Mounting

The objectives are mounted in a quadruple nosepiece and rotate inwards to provide an unobstructed specimen loading/unloading area. Koehler transmitted light illumination is included as standard this microscope.


The ergonomic focus controls reduce strain during prolonged observations. The focus mechanism can be easily adjusted for tension and a focus lock can be set to reduce risk of damage to the optics and specimens.