Universal Hardness Testers

Universal hardness testers cover more than just one hardness measurement method. They are flexible and can be employed for many applications. Thus they offer excellent value for money if you need more than just one test.

Automatic Universal Hardness Tester up to 250 kg - ZHU250CL

Automatic Universal Hardness Tester

Range of Hardness Applications

Vickers according to ISO 6507
and ASTM E384
Knoop according to ISO 4545
and ASTM E384
Rockwell according to ISO 6508
and ASTM E18
Brinell according to IS0 6506
and ASTM E10

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  • The latest close loop technology is used to apply test forces. The closed loop control system is designed to have a much lower signal-to-noise ratio than a traditional load cell, thus providing much greater consistency of test force application. Accuracy on all loads of <1% according to the relevant ISO standards
  • Extremely wide test force range of 1 kg to 250 kg
  • Unique “4-plus-4” turret able to carry up to 4 lenses and up to 4 indenters simultaneously. The turret is also designed to allow testing in hard to reach positions by using a unique vertical rotation mechanism.
  • Variable dwell times 5-60 seconds
  • Ability to vary indenter approach velocity
  • Rockwell depth measured by the market leading Indentec transducer capable of a measuring resolution of 0.1 Rockwell point
  • Software controlled semi or fully automatic hardness testing for all scales provides:
  • Operation and control of the hardness tester via high definition software (ZHμ.HD)
  • 1.3 megapixel USB camera
  • High-resolution overview image of specimen surface via scan function using either x2.5 lens (stitching) or flatbed scanner in automatic model
  • Easy positioning of test points in the overview image
  • Automatic indentation measurement - with illumination and shadow correction - removes operator influence in determining hardness values
  • Motorised X-Y tables with optional travel distances
  • Effective case depth determination
  • testXpert II reporting option
  • RS232 or USB data export function

Manual Universal hardness testers up to 187.5 kg - ZHU

Manual Universal hardness testers

The Zwick ZHU Universal Hardness Testers perform UKAS accredited hardness testing to:

  • Vickers (HV) DIN EN ISO 6507, ASTM E92
  • Brinell (HB) DIN EN ISO 6506, ASTM E 10
  • Rockwell (HR) DIN EN ISO 6508, ASTM E 18 Advantages/Characteristics
  • Dead weight load combinations up to 187.5 kg
  • Simple operation including:
    • automatic load application and removal
    • diagonal value transfer at the touch of a button
    • automatic evaluation of hardness value
    • load change via rotary switch
  • Variable test sequence timing from 1 to 50 s
  • LCD Line display screen display of hardness value and scale with 0.1 unit resolution (e.g. 60.3 HRC) Setting of hardness tolerance and statistics ( x _ and R)
  • Conversion:
    • Rockwell to Vickers, Brinell, Knoop, and UTS
    • Brinell to Vickers, Knoop, UTS, and Rockwell HRA, HRB, HRC
    • Vickers to Brinell, Knoop, UTS, and Rockwell HRA, HRB, HRC
  • Integral microscope with measuring shutters and push button for transfer of dimensional data (not 6187.5LK)
  • Various accessories as standard, such as
    • indenters
    • reference test blocks with UKAS certificates
    • specimen support tables