Metallography Grinding and Polishing Machines

The FORCIPOL Series of grinding and polishing machines offer practical and economical solutions to your metallographic sample preparation needs... FORCIMAT is a microprocessor controlled sample mover designed to be used with FORCIPOL grinder / polishers. It is ideal for medium size labs where consistent result are desired.

grinders and polishers

All materials testing laboratories in the industrial, research or educational field have a demand for sample preparation. Whether your requirements call for individual components or basic sample preparation, FORCIPOL family of instruments will meet your needs. FORCIPOL Series of instruments are available as Single wheel and Dual wheel Units (200/250/300 mm wheel size). Both single or double wheel versions are available with constant, dual or infinitely variable rotating speeds with digital display. This allows the setting of the optimum speed for each individual preparation process.

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The modern electronics provide a smooth speed variation. The drive elements are fixed on heavy duty aluminium alloy casting. The wheels are mounted on ball bearings allowing the application of high pressures to prepare even large specimens. Ball bearings used provide quite and vibration free operation. Water inlet and flexible water outlets with control valves for wet grinding are standard features. Motor on/off and water on/off buttons are mounted on the front panel.

FORCIPOL instruments can be used for grinding, lapping and polishing with magnetic backed discs and cloths or by quick and simple exchange of wheels. When the number of specimens to be prepared increases, FORCIPOL instruments can be fitted with FORCIMAT automatic head for automation. FORCIMAT automatic head provides high rate sampe preparation and frees the operator from the grinding and polishing procedures.

Forcipol 1V For laboratories preparing a wide range of different materials, Forcipol 1V is the ideal grinder/polisher with its indefinitely variable speed range between 50-600 rpm.

Forcipol 300-1V For large specimens and/or for having a spacious working environment with Forcimat automatic head, Forcipol 300-1V offers an ideal solution with its 300 mm working wheel. It’s variable speed between 50-600 rpm makes it suitable for grinding and polishing of wide range of materials

Forcipol 2V Having two discs and variable speed range between 50 and 600 rpm,Forcipol 2V is the most universal grinder/polisher, especially for labs having wide veraity of materials. When coupled with Forcimat, Forcipol 2V becomes a versatie automatic sample preparation system with high operator comfort.

variable speed grinder polisher

Automatic Operation

The FORCIMAT Automatic Head is mounted on a rigid hardened post which is fixed to the base of the FORCIPOL grinder/polisher. It can be adapted to all FORCIPOL series grinder/polishers, and is easily and rapidly positioned by means of a quick-locking clamping mechanism. The sample holder can prepare 6 samples simultaneously and it is driven by a 60 Watt DC motor at 120 rpm. The pneumatically applied individual force is adjustable between 5 N (1.1 lb.) and 60 N (13.5 lb.) from the front panel and is displayed on a guage. The housing is made of GRP with a touchpad front panel.

An adjustable and exchangeable drip lubricator is standard and the dosing level is done through and adjustable flow valve. A choise of easily exchangeable sample holders with set of rings from 25 to 50 mm and 1 ” to 2 ” diameter are available for use on the FORCIMAT. The samples (1 to 6) are placed in the sample holder and the dosing level of the drip lubricator is adjusted. Sample force is set on the front panel of the FORCIMAT. Cycle time, wheel speed and direction are set on the control panel of the FORCIPOL grinder/polisher. When the start button is depressed, both the FORCIMAT and FORCIPOL start operating simultaneously. Upon completion of the cycle, both instrument stop and an audio signal notifies the operator.

Model Forcipol 1V Forcipol 2V Forcipol 300 - 1V
No. Of Stations 1 2 1
Motor Power, HP 0.75 0.75 1
Disc Speed (rpm) 50 - 600 50 - 600 50 - 600
Disk Diameter, mm 200 / 250 200 / 250 300
Dimensions, mm 380 x 690 x 340 700 x 690 x 340 420 x 730 x 350
Weight, kg 30 40 37
Motor Power, Watt 90
Head Speed(rpm) 50 - 150
Sample Capacity 1 - 6
Dimensions, mm 230 x 430 x 250
Weight,kgs 16

forcipol polishing features

Retractable water hose for easy cleaning
Splash Guard
Simple exchange of working disc
Enviro recirculating filtering unit (1 micron)