Precision thin sectioning instrument for mineralogy.

Preparing thin sections requires highly precise instruments and knowhow. GEOFORM is a bench-top instrument that will cut and grind down to 30 microns or less depending on the hardness of the material because mineralogical specimens usually contain hard and soft phases.

Precision thin sectioning

GEOFORM has two parts: Cutting and Grinding. On the cutting module, the specimen is fixed on a holder with vacuum and resectioned upto a thickness of approx. 0,5mm. Water cooling during cutting avoids deformation. Can accomodate diamond and CBN cut-off discs upto 200 mm diameter.

  • Precision thin sectioning instrument for mineralogy.
  • Cutting and Grinding processes combined.
  • Specimen Holder with Vacuum for standard slides.
  • Built in micrometer with digital readout.
  • Water cooling

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The grinding module is designed for precision grinding. A universal vacuum holder accepts different sizes of glass slides by changing the location pins. A vacuum pump delivered as standard holds the glass slide fixed on the holder during grinding process.

A built-in digital micrometer ensures high precision and the specimen is ground with an accuracy of 2 microns.

Diamond cutting disc and grinding wheels are both on the same spindle which is precisely alligned for high accuracy. A dual in-line filtering unit removes the moisture from the vacuum line and drains into the cutting chamber when the vacuum pump is turned off.

Cutting and Grinding

Model Geoform
Cutting Wheel Speed, (rpm) 1400
Grinding Stone Speed, (rpm) 1400
Cutting Wheel Dia., (mm) 200
Grinding Wheel Dia., (mm) 150
Recirculating Tank (Optional), (lt) 40
Glass Slide Dimensions 1" x 2"
1" x 3"
2" x 3"
Digital Micrometer Yes
Motor Power, (HP) 550 W
Dimensions, WxDxH, (cm) 53x75x42
Weight, (kgs) 83