Thin Section Machine For Large & Multiple Samples

This thin section machine has a large window and a sealed LED lamp in the cutting chamber allowing safe observation of the cutting process. The large, T-slotted feed table and generous work area can accommodate a variety of different clamping devices. The feed table also has a long travel depth making this thin section machine ideal for cutting long or deep samples in a single pass. A side access port makes it possible to make transverse sections on long core samples and a stainless steel tray catches small specimens. The precision cutting of this machine can eliminate the need for grinding action before lapping the specimen.

Thin Section Machine

The Servocut 402-AA has X-Y-Z triple axes cutting capability:

  • Z-axis Chop cutting: The specimen is clamped and the cut-off wheel approaches the specimen
  • Y-axis Table-feed cutting: Feeds clamped specimen into a rotating cut-off wheel using the T-slotted feed table
  • X-axis Parallel Cutting (optional): Parallel serial sectioning in the x-axis with optional movable x-bed

Optional integrated vacuum pump allows cutting of not only large rock samples, but also slide mounted sections. A standard 80 mm diameter outlet for fume extraction is at the back of the hood. Self cleaning option available.

* X-axis Parallel Cutting (optional) with machine model 402-AA-AX ** Optional cutting methods for heavy-duty cutting applications. Segment Cut: For difficult and complex shaped materials. Diagonal Cut: For increased cutting capacity. Step Cut: For extra hard materials.

All of our cutting machines can be modified to provide cutting requirements on most materials. Other versions available.

Kemet offer a range of vacuum fixtures which give the Servocut potential for cutting either multiple standard slide mounted specimens, or custom vacuum fixtures for special slide sizes.

Chop Cutting, Z Axis Automatic
Table Feed Cutting, Y Axis Automatic
Parallel Cutting, X Axis Automatic (Optional)
HMI Touch Screen, (inch) 7"
Step;Segment;Diagonal Cut Optional
Rapid Pulse Cutting Yes
Smart Feed Control Yes
Max. wheel Diameter, (mm) Ø 400
Max. Cutting Capacity (mm) Ø150
Max. Cutting Capacity # (mm) 85 x 350
Y Axis Travel, (mm) 300
X Axis Travel, (mm) 150 (Optional)
Z Axis Travel, (mm) 255
T-Slot table dimension, mm (WxD) 550 x 484
T-Slot dimension, (mm) 12
Cutting Power kW (S1) 7.5
Wheel Speed, rpm 600-2400
Cutting Feedrate, (µm/s) 20-5000
Size, WxDxH, (cm) 114 x 112 x 169
Weight, (kgs) 600
Cooling Unit, (lt) 135

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