Lapping Machine Accessories

Lapping Machine Maintenance Kit

This Kit is used for the general maintenance of the Kemet 36 (and larger) Diamond Lapping machines and will aid the ‘General Maintenance procedures’ found in the manuals. Product code 362220

lapping machine maintenance kit

Workholding and Workholders

Workholding is one of the most important factors when carrying out a lapping operation. The flatness of a part can be adversely affected by incorrect workholding.

For continuous lapping of the same range of parts, it makes sense to have sets of profiled workholders. A full range of blank workholders 3mm or 6mm thick are available. We can also supply pre-profiled workholders on request.

Lapping Machine Workholder Diameter Workholder Thickness Code
Kemet 15 138mm 3mm 360206
Kemet 15 138mm 6mm 360678
Kemet 20 189mm 3mm  
Kemet 24, 3 ring 246mm 3mm 360269
Kemet 24, 3 ring 246mm 6mm 360232
Kemet 36, 3 ring 366mm 3mm 360280
Kemet 36, 3 ring 366mm 6mm 360285
Kemet 48, 3 ring 503mm 6mm 360248
Kemet 56, 3 ring 576mm 6mm 362498
work holding

Kemet Dressing Kit

Keeping lapping plates flat is essential for component flatness. Once a plate goes out of flat, it needs to be corrected as quickly as possible.

Traditional methods involved using abrasive powder and adjusting the positioning of the conditioning rings. However this procedure is slow, and plates that are greatly out of flat can take many hours to correct.

Kemet has developed the next generation of Dressing Ring for rapid correction of plates that have gone out of flat. Up to 10 times faster than conventional methods, the Kemet Dressing Ring can correct plate flatness problems in minutes rather than hours.

Description Code
Kemet Dressing Ring for Kemet 15” Lapping Machine 360752
Kemet Dressing Ring for Kemet 24” Lapping Machine 360746
Kemet Dressing Ring for Kemet 36” Lapping Machine (3 ring) 360755
Kemet Dressing Ring for Kemet 36” Lapping Machine (4 ring) 360754
Kemet Dressing Ring reface kit (8 stones / adhesiv e / instructions) 360759
dressing kit

Diamond Dressing Pads

Kemet Diamond Dressing Pads come in two different varieties - coarse and fine. They are self adhesive and are fixed to the bottom of cast iron conditioning ring for use on Kemet lapping machines.

Pad Description Unit Code
Fine Per pack of 8 361524
Coarse Per pack of 8 361525
Fine Per pack of 12 361526
Coarse Per pack of 12 361527
diamond dressing pads

Lapping Trolley

Kemet offer portable lapping trolleys, for easily portability of Kemet 15 and Kemet 20 diamond lapping machines.

They have been ergonomically designed so that the lapping machine will be at average working height. Height to top of table is 61cm. The overall length is 133.5 cm and the width is 82cm It has removable pram type handle (height to of handle when fitted is 89.5cm) Two braked swivel castors (at handle end) and 2 fixed castors at other end to prevent stand moving when lapping machine is in operation.

Option 1. Fitted with two full height and depth formed sheet steel lockable cupboard, one left and one right, approx 300mm high.

Option 2. Fitted with one full height and depth formed sheet steel lockable cupboard approx 300mm high, to left side of trolley.

lapping trolley

Portable Lapping Kits

Portable Lapping Kits