Benchtop Abrasive Cutoff Machine

Specimen integrity begins with high quality cutting. Perfectly cut surfaces reduce the number of subsequent preparation stages and shorten the total sample preparation time to the minimum. SERVOCUT 301 offers the advantage of combining different cutting techniques and methods into the same machine to obtain superior cut surfaces for a broad range of heavy duty cutting applications.

metallographic cutting machine

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SERVOCUT 301 has X-Y-Z triple axes cutting capability: Z-axis Chop cutting: The specimen is clamped and the cut-off wheel approaches the specimen. Y-axis Table-feed cutting: Feeding the clamped specimen into a rotating cut-off wheel using a T-slotted feed table. X-axis Parallel Cutting (optional): Parallel serial sectioning in the x-axis with optional movable x-bed.

servocut 301 closeup
Large cutting chamber
Automatic or manual drive systems
Small parts tray to catch tiny part

SERVOCUT 301 consists of a cast aluminium base on which the motor and the working space are provided in the from of two separate housings. A large window of Lexan and a sealed LED lamp in the cuttting chamber allow precise observation of the cutting process at an optimum degree of safety. A standard 80 mm dia. outlet for fume extraction is at the back of the hood. A large, T-slotted feed table located in the cutter’s generous work area can accommodate a variety of different clamping devices which need to be selected. The feed table provides a long travel depth making the SERVOCUT 301 ideal for cutting long or deep samples in a single pass. Side access port makes it possible to make tranverse sections on long specimens. Stainless small parts tray to catch small specimens is supplied with the cutting table as standard

SERVOCUT 301 cutting machine has the highest safety standards. The interlocking safety device does not allow the motor to be started unless the hood is closed. The hood can not be opened before the cutting motor is stopped. The electronic brake system, whih is a standard feature, brings the cutter to a quick full stop in seconds after it has been switched of

Automatic Operation

Cutting Methods

Chop cutting ( Z-axis ) and Table feed cutting ( Y-axis ) combined with pulse cutting in automatic models is standard. Optional Cutting Methods: Diagonal Cut - for increased cutting capacity. Step Cut - for extra hard materials Segment Cut - for difficult workpieces are available which make SERVOCUT 301 the perfect choice for a broad range of heavy duty cutting applications.

Multi-Slice Cutting:

The optional automatic x-table allows programmable plane parallel sectioning. Slices of equal thickness with number of slices as well as programming slices of different thickness is possible.


SERVOCUT 301 automatic models have advanced techniques and software with programmable HMI touch screen controls increasing the productivity, sample consistency and operator comfort.

Cutting Parameters:

The preselection of the cutting force level as well as the setting of cutting feed rate (0,1-5mm/sec) is possible from the touch screen LCD. The feed rate is automatically adjusted, if needed reduced, resulting in perfect cuts and eliminating sample and machine damage. Pulse cutting mode is a standard feature in all automatic models for cutting extra hard specimens. Optional speed regulating unit is available to adjust the cut-off wheel speed between 600-4000 rpm.

Programmable Return Positions

SERVOCUT 301 has 3 different stop modes: Auto stop: Stops when the specimen has been cut through. Relative Stop: Stops when it has returned to its starting point. Absolute Stop: Stops when the ultimate reset point in all axes has been reached.


A librarry of 25 different cutting programs with related specimen name or number can be saved with all cutting parameters which can be recalled at anytime. Data with cutting consumables is also listed for easy selection

Cooling System

A closed loop recirculating cooling unit is a standard part of the machine. The cutting surface is cooled by spray nozzles whose water jets hit both the cutting wheel and the specimen. This provides an efficient cooling of the sample and prevents the overheating of the surface structure.

For cutting metarials which generate a lot of swarf or for higher volume usage, we recommend “ Band filter Unit ” which is optionally available. It is environmentally friendly filtering the coolant and depositing the swarf in a seperate container for easy disposal.

Servocut 301 Models

Chop Cutting, Z Axis Manual Manual Automatic
Table Feed Cutting, Y Axis Manual Automatic Automatic
Parallel Cutting, X Axis Optional Manual/Automatic (Opt.) Automatic (Optional)
HMI Touch Screen, (inch) - 5,7" 5,7"
Step;Segment;Diagonal Cut - - Optional
Pulse Cutting - Yes Yes
Wheel Diameter, (mm) Ø300 - Ø250 Ø300 - Ø250 Ø300 - Ø250
Cutting Capacity Ø250, (mm) Ø85 Ø85 Ø85
Cutting Capacity Ø300, (mm) Ø110 Ø110 Ø110
Cutting Capacity Ø300, # (mm) 70 x 200 70 x 200 70 x 200
Y Axis Travel, (mm) 225 mm 225 mm 225 mm
X Axis Travel, (mm) 70 mm 70 mm 70 mm
Z Axis Travel, (mm) 125 mm 125 mm 125 mm
T-Slot table dimension, mm (WxD) 380 x 250 (330+70)x250 (330+70) x 250
T-Slot dimension, (mm) 12 12 12
Cutting Power kW (S1) 4 4 4
Cutting Power kW (S3) 5,1 5,1 5,1
Wheel Speed, rpm 2850 2850 2850
Variable Wheel Speed, rpm - 600-4000(Optional) 600-4000(Optional)
Table Feedrate, (mm/s) - 100μ-5000μ 100μ-5000μ
Size, WxDxH, (cm) 93 x 93 x 63 93 x 93 x 63 93 x 87.5 x 63
Size, WxDxH, (cm) (with cabinet) 93 x 93 x 139 93 x 93 x 139 93 x 87.5x139
Weight, (kgs) 210 222 222
Cooling Unit, (lt) 100 100 100