Welcome to Kemet Australia

Kemet Australia was established in 1972, a subsidiary company of Kemet International Limited (established 1938). The main office is located in Sydney, with a branch office in Melbourne. Kemet Australia services all Australian States and Territories and our Australian Technical Service Team regularly visits each state where Offices are not located. We also cover New Zealand.

Our Product Range

Recommended when high precision flatness and surface finish are required.

diamond paste

For fast stock removal and superior surface finish when polishing.

lapping machine

Lapping and Polishing Machines available in a range of sizes from 200mm to 3 metres diameter.

diamond slurries

Diamond slurries available as oil soluble, water soluble or as emulsions and contain ZERO Volatile Organic Compounds.

diamond suspension

Diamond suspensions are used during the sample preparation stages for fast stock removal and to produce a perfect polished surface ready for analysis.

flatness measuring

Equipment to assist in the measurement and maintenance of surface flatness.

ultrasonic cleaner

Industrial modular range from 40 to 160 litres. Heated rinse tanks, hot air dryers and filtration can be added to form a complete process line.

metallography equipment

Complete programme of Cutting, Mounting, Grinding and Polishing machines and consumables

polishing stones

Abrasive and Ceramic designed to be used directly after machining or spark eroding in the preparation of surfaces for final polishing.

abrasive paste

Specially formulated Lapping Compounds (White Aluminium Oxide and Silicon Carbide)

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Our Services

Kemet International's Contract Lapping Department has the capability to provide solutions to most Flat Lapping and Polishing applications. Our expertise is wide and varied and includes the lapping and polishing of Mechanical Seals, Automotive Components, Aerospace Parts, Medical Components, and Flat Injection Moulding Inserts to name but a few.