Sheenus Neo Ultrasonic Polisher

This Ultrasonic Polisher is an ideal tool for precision die polishing and burr removal.

Sheenus neo

SHEENUS can be used for grinding, polishing and mirror finishing on a wide range of material from aluminium dies to cemented carbide dies. It is also perfect for plastic moulds, press, casting, forging, trimming and header dies.

This tool quickly removes hard layer of EDM deposits and polishes difficult areas such as complex corners and ribs. Capabilities include burr removal, grinding and polishing of precision moulds, dies electronic and ceramic components.

The NSK Sheenus Neo is the ideal tool for precision die polishing and burr removal
  • Effective polishing in difficult areas such as ribs, corners, side walls and complex shapes
  • Adjustable frequency with a digital power display which eliminates over polishing
  • Sensitive control to tool tip to ensure professional results
  • Ergonomically comfortable and light for effortless work over long periods
  • Homing function allows for frequency adjustments to optimise for tool material and length
  • Sheenus neo stanard set consists of
    • Control unit (NE240)
    • Ultrasonic Handpiece (US-25PB)
    • Handpiece stand (K-274)
    • Spanner (10mm)
    • Allen Wrench (2.5mm)
    • Foot pedal (FC-24)
  • Code 340020

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Control Unit

  • Maximum output: 45W.
  • Oscillation Frequency: 22.5 kHz
  • Oscillation Stroke: Max 40 micron
  • Frequency Control: Homing type
  • Input power source: AC 120/230V 50-60 Hz
  • Power consumption: 100 VA
  • Dimensions: W225 x D195 x H97mm
  • Weight: 1.7 Kg
  • Code NE240


  • Oscillator : PZT piezoelectric type
  • Attachment fixing : M6 screw
  • Cable length : 2 m (60 g)
  • Dimensions : ø16(Max. ø28) x L134 mm
  • Weight : 140 g (excluding cable)